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Updated: May 5

4 April, 2024

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

How often are you asked, and more importantly, how comfortable are you answering the question; "Are you Happy?" How does one handle such a request? We all have different ideas of what the feeling of happiness may look or feel like, right? The study of Eudaimonia goes beyond the standard, textbook definition. How does one obtain this enlightenment of true happiness? Furthermore, how do YOU define that term? Between reading, writing in my own experience with the subject matter of philosophy, there are often two factors that remain constant towards the influence;

a) What is our purpose? and

b) Where are we currently in accomplishing that purpose?

The present version of yourself does not represent who you wish to become. Nor, does it in the reverse. Living with the idea that you will one day reach this apex can drastically impact your everyday decisions. Your mentality of locating that eternal happiness can present itself in many forms at any time.


Quite an outgoing gathering of humans in such an intimate setting these past few days, it's clear to me how vulnerable people can be with their feelings when they feel safe in their environment. I am incredibly fortunate to have been brought on to connect deeply with the poets, the emo's, the Wildlife Photographers, the heartbroken and the damned. Pinto gallo & sweet plantains for breakfast from here on out! It gave me such joy to be a part of this community and learn where so many walks of life come from, what their adventure has been like, and what lead them to this very moment.

Do you ever experience this sense of bliss you can't possibly explain? Sure, you do.

Take the necessary time to slow your life down and find fulfilment.

Pura Vida!


Take Shelter (2011)

Obsessing over an incoming storm, Curtis LaForche plans to protect his family's safety by any means. Michael Shannon performs the small-town, Midwest Father who struggles in dealing with his deaf daughter and rampant hallucinations. I've admired this film since its origin, and have always felt inspired by its visual appeal - The VFX were surely ahead of their time. With navigating a potential schizophrenia diagnosis and the township turning on the family, this buildup leads to the big blowup at the legion, in an incredible dialogue delivered by Shannon. Night terrors & biblical metaphors, this film depicts the importance of family and making a choice based on impulse. The intensity of the human emotion alone is breathtaking. I've always wanted my own tornado shelter...


Spaceships Over Glasgow By Stuart Braithwaite (2022)

Mogwai's finest Scot depicts his upbringing and the sought out music career at large. The endless concert quests with siblings, watching Sonic Youth side stage, and being belligerent at almost every turn, this book tells the adventure in a well-written timeline. You really get the feeling of sitting in a Scottish pub, listening to him tell you these stories in real time. Demonstrating what really happens when a band is on non-stop tour, how it feels and affects the camaraderie. Forever holding Braithwaite's statement close to heart; "No matter what is going on in your life, music can transport you away from it."


Casper Skulls - The Science of Dichotomies

Often compared to the blessings of Sonic Youth, Sudbury-natives deliver pure gold. Steady bass lines that could happily go on forever, accompanying vocals of indie essence and tones of that perfect twine. The song structure and especially the male vocal delivery seems to please the masses. At the time of me writing this, their website has expired and I remain hopeful for more greed. Casperholic indefinitely.


just a second, i am turning into gold by Christi Steyn

A promise to yourself and the world around you as you embark on your healing stage, your transition, and your absence from your norm. It can be challenging to convince those around you of your current availability. We never want to ask anyone to wait on our timeline, and understanding that process typically stems from somebody else's experience in a similar fashion. Not knowing how you will get there, just that it feels absolutely essential to you in that stage, right now. There is a ton of sacrifice in Steyn's writing, with the intent on returning to the world covered in complete gold. Take the time for yourself and trust the process. You're morphing into the brand new you. Go & save the world, CS...

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