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26 January, 2024 Vancouver, BC

I've been reflecting loads on the idea behind New Years Resolutions. Whether we define them as goals or resolutions, each of us strive for an impactful change in our lives once that clock strikes. Whether or not we keep consistent in progress, that universal gap between motivation & procrastination will often show it's true colours. Sometimes, it feels imperative to even pretend to have goals set in stone to share among your peers. Providing a guidebook to follow while we all continue to strive for greatness. But they're not always systematic. I've actually noticed a trend within social media lately, where it's 'hip' to not even have resolutions. I believe progress and change can be beautiful, but understanding the value in going in neutral.

For those seeking the twist, forming a habit is a skill which requires practice and sheer determination. For myself, it's always been helpful to locate others with similar wishes that will create a better environment. There must be a pleasure in the process in order to stay on track. It may also assist you in keeping accountability. I generally evaluate the previous year and determine what I would like to do different. Does it benefit, or make matters worse? There doesn't seem to be a right or wrong answer to this wishlist, just a slight modification to your behaviour patterns that will generate happiness.

Make it enjoyable and don't set your sights too high. After all, it's only another year...


The Sasquatch Gang (2006)

Not for everyone, but you'll have to let your brain melt. This film pays homage to the friend group of my college days, where we would recite every dialogue line with passion. Tattoo the script on my back, would yah? The infamous sasquatch is on the loose in Clackanomah County and this group of friends are on a mission to locate evidence of its presence. Justin Long delivers his role with such grace and hilarity, all the while paying off debt for a purchased hamburger. LARPing, hiking and the importance of friendship make for an entertaining nerd: POV experience. For many of us, it could possibly be the best film we've ever had the privilege of feasting our ojos uponeth.


Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? By Jeanette Winterson (2011)

Forgiveness unblocks the future. This novel depicts the story of life through the eyes of adoption in an experiment with experience. The scene where Mrs W. is informed of the writer's sexual orientation is empowering, and it's so intense only to build up and reveal the book title itself in the perfect placement. The mysterious definition of what home is. What does it represent? How does it feel when there is little to no order, and what happens when we leave that home? 'The things that I regret in my life are not errors of judgement but failures of feelings.'


The Walkmen - In The New Year

I take a gander at this each + every start of the new year. As many others do. NYC's own demonstrates perfect percussion along with reverberating guitar tone and flawless yells. Having the privilege of staring in awe at this at the local club was one of the many highlights of last year. I would be amiss not to s/o the one & only PM in his part in TD3 to this track, for it started it all. Ain't your heart in the strangest place, too?


Light by Ian Thomas

Taken out of Green Islands: Poems from the Great Bear Rainforest, native-bred Thomas paints a perfect image of the isolated interior. With weather patterns wet, foggy and dull, the factor of light still seems to exist. It's just a matter of how you define it and where you choose to look for it. With so many different sorts of ecosystems and species running amok, this global treasure is alive with bright illumination. The contrast of saturation and colour depicting in Thomas' words really give the reader an opportunity to step foot into the six and a half million hectares of land, and experience the beauty of nature.

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