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our collective future

Updated: Jan 1

28 October, 2023

Geneva, New York

Captivated with new ideas, countless unique faces along the travel route, and endless stories to add to the journal. I maintain sanity with Tonglen breathing, a variety of commencement speeches, hiking and cold showers, yet I find the same nirvana with Chrissie Hynde's voice echoing through the punk bathroom stall while I urinate. I spend a great deal of time hearing out the friends dwell on their stories via Facetime, and it feels good to watch first-hand how people are changing throughout the years. Do you notice it? Oblivious or in denial? For the better, or for the worse, an unimaginable rate this life seems to be soaring by.

The horrors of the world continue to unfold as we seek those things that keep us at peace.

Is the end of the world just the start?


Endless Summer (1966)

Mild weather and beautiful lake patterns make the season that much more enjoyable. A film deemed as 'Prehistorical Vlogging,' places the viewer in sun-struck position right on the shoreline. Bruce Brown delivers a masterpiece dedicated to those who possess a love for the surf. The soundtrack and colour correction alone - accompanied by dry & hilarious commentary - bring much joy to the viewer. Posters of this film still remain on walls around cities today. When the winter blues start to hit, I encourage you to pop this into any format you own and truly feel the heat.

"No two waves are the same. That wave belongs to you."


Blue Mind by Dr. Wallace J Nicols (2014)

Ever wonder what the mental & physical health benefits are by simply existing by a body of water?

This book contains a massive amount of interesting facts surrounding positive mindset, the rehabilitation history, The Blue Marble Project, and incredible stories and research about all things water. The encouragement to seek the element whenever you're feeling low, and fall in love with the natural essence, the dangers it faces on a regular basis, and develop your Blue Mind at peace. I think everyone will find a similarity in their life to several points in this literature. I also really need to take a whiff of Libby Patterson's Wave Perfume....


Angela - Flower Face

The willingness of Ruby to open up about the history of this song in her interview allows us listeners to love Angela that much more. I discovered this many years ago in the algorithms of nostalgia, and it's continuously been a go-to at those moments of comfort. The feeling of wanting to let that special someone go, but remaining wishful that they might find their route back to you someday. The perfect poetic tone and rhythm, that come

together to replicate those memories we all hold onto. Who do you see in your snowglobe?


Find Me by Forest Blakk

A hypnotizing spoken word to exercise your inner emotion toward someone that once was. To believe in a feeling you previously felt, and cherish memories that push you to remain hopeful, and shed light on the good that existed and that they may transition into a new existence. The millions of thoughts we experience throughout our lives require some sort of explanation and meaning. One of the hardest challenges we face, is to grieve someone who is still amongst us. You'll hear something different each time you replay this.

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