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7 June, 2023

Detroit, Michigan

American Hardcore is alive & well.

My car got punched in a Whole Foods parking lot with a Police cruiser a few spots away. This place can get pretty entertaining! I remind myself to always carry a can of gasoline on these road trips from here on out. There is great value to embark on adventure completely solo, because you meet so many people from all over and you're practically forced to engage somehow, someway. I've kept a travel journal close-by for years now, and I've been able (and fortunate) to reach so many incredible destinations and situations.

Pure bliss is defined by hearing Feel the Lightning echoing outside onto the patio, stomping out the butt-end under the string lights, at one of your favorite venues in the world. A translucent moment, where I déjà vu'd myself walking into those mornings throughout my sophomore college years. To end up... here. It's mystical, and I feel the emotion.

Speaking of déjà vu - my data stopped working. I know this feeling all too well...


Audrey (2020)

An exciting look into the life and career of one of the most iconic cinema figures to date. This was incredibly interesting to me, as I had longed to learn more about Audrey. There are so many of her films that go unnoticed to the modern age, and one of which that became my all time favorite over time. Such an elegant actress, who was respected in the spotlight but not always showered with the most love from her spouses. Audrey is a wonderful depiction of a wonderful woman, and the challenges she constantly faced.

I just adore how smooth and effortlessly Hepburn forever was on the screen. She then went on to be proactive in so many causes she cared about so dearly. The love that she didn't receive, she converts into unconditional love to put forth.

A few of us could learn a thing or two from this...


Andrew O'Hagan's Mayflies (2020)

The story of the lads, just like you remember with your friends growing up. The trouble you found yourselves in, and the careless feeling of living in the exact moment. The book begins with the ignition of a lifelong friendship and returns 30 years later with their grown-up selves, and the impact of reality. Discovering identity, relationships, morality and their gloomy future ahead. I loved this book because it felt so real. The conversations and experiences are ones that I too, have shared in my twenties. Perhaps some foreshadowing lies ahead. They attend a bloody Smiths concert in Manchester in this novel, what is there not to love about it?

"Custom-built for the clear-eyed young."


Sleeping With The Witch - Dax Riggs (2010)

The Austin Chronicle deemed this record as 'gritty punk-blues,' and that nails it. Riggs' Louisiana upbringing is demonstrated through his writing. This song hollows out your eardrums and allows you to just slump in your seat and chill out. I love how the backing vocals accompany the instruments in a perfect harmony - this track is mixed so well, and I never want it to end. Broom poetry from his early sludge-metal days.. Do you think pronouns for a Witch are always He He He?


If by Rudyard Kipling

If gives a man hope. This poem is immaculate to recite when you're wandering through life's mysteries and obstacles. It allows you to be humble and courageous, simultaneously. I feel that this is for every Father out there to pass down to their child. It speaks such faithful volume, and a great use of language throughout. I discovered this gem while talking to a local in a distant pub, and I'm happy it was transferred over. Surely, the written recipe for man to live with dignity.

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