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28 June, 2023

Vancouver, British Columbia

What's your opinion on all this?

The year continues to float on as I find myself feeling endlessly inspired. That specific inspired when it's challenging to sleep, to eat, and to socialize with the normies. We can't all feel as ambitious as we once were, but we can definitely still seek inspiration from many directions. It takes courage, and a ton of experience, but I assure your curiosity, hopefulness and creativity lies ahead. Go fetch it, and watch this world change before your very eyes.

I'm not entirely sure why the internet proceeds to poke fun at a national tragedy, but I've been convinced to refrain from politics for a while now. I suppose various people grieve and cope in many different ways. However, over the past couple of years I have felt that if you have an opinion, it may be best left to the walls of your friend's house? It's never really been a habit of mine to utilize the world-wide-web to voice my thought process - yet, here we are - but it's intriguing to open your phone to a complete bar-fight taking place across the land. For the most part, it's bananas. But remember, the media can provide us such insight, education and guidance. Keep learning through the mist.

Summer is in full-force. Make the best out of the weather, wherever the weather. There's a distant feeling of the rebirth of summer from when you were young, and how much joy came about when your final school bells rang. Can you rehash that in some sense today? Remember what it's like to be a kid? At ten years old, everything is so fascinating and anything is possible. There's still some value in embodying that sentiment, although it attacks in many more forms, and a much busier work schedule. Take time to lay in the grass and watch stars. Think of the albatrosses and attend a beach clean-up. Work on your tan, and grab hold of every passing scent of salt in the air, you can.


Meatballs (1979)

A family household tradition since the early dawn. I remember being very little and finding a bootlegged VHS tape with this title written on the tag. I wasn't then, and still don't really know now writing this - why they named it that. But, this film captures the most traditional aesthetic of summer camp out there. This was the movie that introduced me to the legend that is, Bill Murray, and I still stay engaged from start to finish. Later in life, I find out it was shot a few hours away from home, and the writers hailed from a local University. Hell, the rival campground is a direct take on our local college! Fight me on that. From Spaz's moves on the dance floor, to Fink's hotdog eating contest, it's a picture to preserve.

I pray this tradition still remains constant in the right hands... But it just, doesn't, matter.


Carl Watt's I Just Wrote This Five Minutes Ago (2022)

A guidance and reflection on some incredible and noteworthy poetry across the board. Carl Watts discusses his path through his career, and the various methods and practices taking place in surrounding poetry world. How valuable it is to create, regardless of experience and motive, and how it can be perceived from the peanut gallery. I enjoyed learning from a good pal, and getting heavily into different forms of poetry leads me to have hope in our neighboring artists.


Hollow Coves - These Memories (2017)

The realest. Hug some type of body of water when you can. I find myself reflecting a lot. Sometimes that happens to occur during the sun while it sets... And maybe this track happens to be nursing my eardrums. When the two collaborate, it enhances a special moment in time. A feeling that won't quite flutter away. The calmness of this song captivates that one perfect memory in your life that just won't go away. Embrace that. For many of us, we couldn't care less and would happily hit that 'next track' button.

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