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neck of the woods

28 July, 2023

Algonquin Highlands, Ontario

We out here. Studying various ecosystems and evaluating their behaviour is a humble experience. There are loads of people who fantasize about time in nature, and don't necesssarily take the time to breathe it in. At some point, we'll all find ourselves outdoors with an empty mind. Fantasize about the existence of an environemnt that's thriving. The stories I had the chance to listen to about wildlife were so pure and made of magic, it leads to you believe in a utopia that's all around us. Getting to embark on a full-blown portage trek through the pouring rain, sleeping in my beautiful one-person tent with my millions of mosquito amigos, and learning from the best - an absolute honor to have my photo taken by, and inhale a cigar with a true veteran wildlife photographer.

Time and working on yourself will alleviate the mental wound. Allow it to diminish and heal into a stronger, better version of yourself. If you're like me, the memories won't ever leave you. Some of us try too hard to rip out the pages in our book, and it shows. In time, you will learn to live with it. Even if you're filled with some layers of charm, existential dread and dark humour.


Purple Noon (1960)

I've always been fascinated with foreign films. They are wildly accessible, yet astounding when you come up on one you've been after for a while. I've obsessed over how there isn't the need of use of CGI, or massive budgeting to captivate an audience. You can simply connect with real humans and real-life problems. It can pose a relatable experience. Purple Noon tells the story of identify fraud with Alain Delon giving us a performance of a lifetime - imagine what it would be like to age when you've experienced being that charming? Romance, and the lust to live the international playboy life regardless of the lengths one must go through. This picturesque piece is well-equipped with stunning European visuals and rich culture. I was so engaged in this flick, I really didn't see that coming neither... The ending was nuts.


Elif Batuman's The Idiot (2017)

Ivy League gals navigating their journey through everyday settings at Harvard. Relatable to Selin's overthinking, and the way she deconstructs her environment almost every time she's asked a question. The scene where she speaks with her counsellor about the topic of emails had some powerful impact on the reality of the inter web. The agony of youth, and a coming of age story that may not be everybody's cup of tea, but enjoyable to follow along with the school calendar year. . Takeaway: Jump in a lake with your loved ones and recognize insignificant subtleties.


Six Days At the Bottom of the Ocean - Explosions In the Sky

This album has hollowed out my ears for a few years now. There's a feeling of complete emptiness when it starts up, that draws you to your surroundings and being still in your present moment. I listen to this band on hikes a lot. Although I enjoy my silence in nature, there's something that this group offers that enhances the wilderness as you venture through it. The break in the middle of the song is so pure, and it feels like I'm falling into the abyss of my whole life in slow motion.

Each of us can experience this emotional track differently. Looking forward to the new record and tour this year. Thank you to the post-rock quartet for everything. Take me out of here.


Give Me A Call Sometime by Andrew W.G. Rees

It was a treat to reconnect with Andrew after all these years. The last time I had seen him, I was bagging his groceries and glorifying his band at the time. A poem about trust and confidence to a desired entity. Putting thought into the mind of another, serving the opportunity of pure, genuine love. How insane the idea may be to some, all the while when a writer knows their lust is flourishing from within. To anybody who shouts out with sincere intentions, and to those who never read 'em - Prost.

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