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faut dire que c'est plat, plat, plat

Updated: Feb 26

15 August, 2023

Quebec City, Quebec

Octane in the shower. Where do you find your most zen? Does it come in the form of travel? A walk? The coastline somewhere? All around us, an endless array of stress and worry is constantly dangling from the skies. Whenever I have an existential crisis, casually riding my bike around the cobblestone, listening to a variety of music always helps my mental clarity. Put me back into the present moment. *Add rain for an extra bonus.*

It feels fresh to connect with an existing cityscape, where memories flow so eloquently accompanied by the soothing harp from this Harpo lookalike. That may very much have been the best French Onion soup of my existence.

The island of Maui is on fire. My sincere best is thought upon all my pals that I have met from there, and that their friends & family remain strong. What's next in the world. There is such a dark energy pulling on the strings of humanity.


The Adventure That Saved My Life. - BORDERLESS (2023)

Natalie Lynn documents her touching story through her lens of heartbreak, packing the van, and saying yes to adventure. With her internet, beefaroni-loving friend by her side, the two embark on what can only be described as the summer mission to joy. Say yes to strangers. Life can make you feel lost, lonely and disoriented. I believe for those who struggle with such impacts, can tune into this and relate. A filmmaker inspiring to let you into her world, gives you an experience you can only fantasize about being a part of and take the leap. Using Youtube to its absolute full-scale potential. Keep in mind, this is a video blog.


Eric LaRocca's Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke (2021)

A collection of exchanged emails between two women in an internet chat room. A rapid turn of events into a dark spiral make for an impactful, quick quick read. This has been out of print for a while, and I was hyped to get my hands on a copy. There is a LOT of disturbing imagery in this, borrower beware. The author does a wicked job of portraying how wild an internet connection could become back in our MSN Messenger days. Oh, how I miss them.

Sadomasochism. Obsession. Death.

I wonder what would happen if you apple-peeled the soles of your feet.


Cœur de pirate - Dans la nuit (feat. Loud)

The French Canadian goddess. For forever ago I've followed the pirate. Some of my fondest memories exist at her hometown gig when I knew none of the conversation her and the audience were having. Two hearts meet and share their boredem of the night. Loud instills a contrast vocal track that pairs well with the snappy beat. Let this be an introduction to French pop music if you've yet to let it in. The perfect voice doesn't exi... Beatrice, please keep singing forever.

I just want to cook and clean for you.


how to be insecure by Shelby Leigh

Overthinking at its finest. When introverts of the world constantly doubt themselves, and fear of the surrounding judgement upon them. Shelby comes from a world which is so relatable. This poem identifies a list of components to demonstrate the perfect insecure individual. I've seen so many others with similar traits all my life. In school, we're surrounded by kids our own age, but entering adulthood, we're then immersed with so many different types and qualities of people. The social aspect can stress us out. Follow this guideline for appropriate tips and measures.

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