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ellie, you'll be okay

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

2 February, 2023

Mystic Beach, British Columbia

I hope LaCroix drops a multi-pack soon. This beach has been on the bucket list for quite some time now. It was worth all the mud and ferry rides and Evo shares and this and that. I think the VPD may actually have me as a saved contact by now. A perfect few hours alone on this coast was cleansing in so many ways. Fido dinged me for a US charge being here, so maybe note-to-self to enable airplane mode next time. I turned 30 recently. A nail in the coffin of my forever youth. It was an absolute pleasure to be surrounded by all my friends and family in the same room for an evening of laughs, underage boozing, and watching unlikely characters engage in DEEP conversation amongst one another (ie; Aiden & Becker). It's also great to see lost souls peeking in on your stories in the midst of it all from a distant land. I really can't believe we have to talk about such things in this day and age... I need new Vans, mine are soaked. To more journal writing, blogging, little bit from column A, lil from column B... Thank you to everyone who came out to the hop and continue to support from this coast forth.


Dreamland (2020)

Every townie kid's dream of finding that one true love who happens to be a felon, and you both commit a series of robberies together. The cinematography work in the hotel bathroom scene alone was enough to keep me engaged and in awe. I loved Peaky Blinders, so this was a great spin into Evan's character portrayal. I really wish I lived on a farm. This is a really slick flick. The ending was... uhh, you be the judge.


Hanya Yanagihara's To Paradise (2022)

This was a massive beast to get through. Though, I'd been looking forward to this one ever since reading Hanya's A Little Life, which quickly became my favorite piece of literature ever? To Paradise consists of three books that span over a decade, and demonstrates a Utopia in the US that provides detailed insight into the character's lives. Tales of family, race, sex and a deadly virus sweeping the nation. The struggles throughout, and the letters exchanged between characters are so genuine and real, you find yourself lost in this novel, continuously trying to find your own paradise on earth when you put down the book.

Mental health check - is there even one?


If You Let It - Sioux Falls (2016)

Now known as Strange Ranger, this entire record is a goldmine, thank you AP. That nostalgic feeling you get when you're a complete misled youth, and you don't quite fit in anywhere. The belting vocals, the skateboards riding down the street at night.. it's all so illuminating and real. Hope to stumble upon this one on wax someday. I can't tell you how many times I've thought I've seen this album cover in real life. Ellie, it'll be interesting to see where you wind up in 20 years - but you really were special.

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