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a hustle to be a jack russell

Updated: Jun 29

20 May, 2024

Port Renfrew, British Columbia

Sheer moments of pure, Bliss. I've encountered very few of these over the last couple of years, but my certainty is undeniable when they do occur. We feel these when we often don't expect them, necessarily. In the moment, a wave of emotion and euphoria flows through out bodies and if it's deemed cloud nine, we store it a very special place within us. Unforgettable.

On the subject, there also lies - Deja Vu.

Are these sources of a past life? A premonition? Studies have often claimed a glitch in the matrix and other unsettling phenomenons. It's unclear how or why this happens, but many associate it with spirituality or paranormal. I just can't seem to fathom how crystal clear some of my cases have been. I've heard that its important to feel comfort if you ever are to experience deja vu, for it may just be a sign that you are right where you are supposed to be in life.

There's a strong theory that this takes place more predominately in young adults and begins to decrease in instances as the brain is more fully developed with age.

I suppose this makes sense as to why this keeps happening in my thirties...



The forest remains quiet while the city is exploding with Stanley Cup fever. Once again, a scale around the island lives up to its promising zen. A life of working 'from home' while you catch sounds of orca breathes from your bedroom window. Secret saunas in the middle of nowhere and a flight through the aurora borealis. In times of stress, it's critical to locate your inner peace. I tend to bring my mind in + out of the darkness in an attempt to become an expert on navigating it. The woods host great grounds for those of us who outgrew the McDonalds playplace, and need a place to reflect. Though, the amount of tourism is aggravating and parking is about as expensive as scaling Whole Foods hallways.


The Leather Boys (1964)

Newlyweds, Reggie & Dot are bombarded with hardships within the working-class marriage, while they focus on their opposing viewpoints. Rita Tushinghan, who I adore deeply, performs eloquently as always. The screaming matches alone draw such anxiety from the viewer. Her and her mum exchange toxic suggestions over tea, as Campbell's character befriends a local biker, with whom he spends the majority of time with. This kitchen-sink drama demonstrates the regular, everyday human relationships from an era that seems so regular. It's refreshing to look back at problems that make sense - Questioning one's sexuality in a fast-paced, sleazy environment. In addition, if anyone knows the name of the song Reggie puts on the jukebox, please get in touch with me - Shazam is useless. After all, 'when I talk to the kettle, I don't expect the pot to answer.'


The Midnight Library By Matt Haig (2022)

The teachings in this toward the unpredictable nature of quantum physics. Nora Seed, genius, takes her life and ends up in the Midnight Library. Throughout the volume of bookshelves, endless possibilities of lives she could have lived in literature form. The more lives you try, the easier it was to imagine a better life from where you found yourself. However, the more lives you live, the harder it may be to feel at home anywhere. Right? Every life contains millions of decisions, and they influence the outcome immensely. They say, to never go back on a life that you've once tried, for there always needs to be some sort of variation. We place so much fixation on our lives to convince ourselves it was never the right one. A memory so vague and intangible, it will hardly be there at all. Does Nora see this through? Do you?


The Wooden Sky - Something Hiding for Us in the Night


A true, master-piece of music. If only there were a life where I had caught them at one of their many in-store, acoustic performances at record shops that are no longer with us. With Neil Young and Matt Good inflections, embrace the slow buildup to folk vibratos from heaven. This was released at such a good period in life, and you can feel it throughout the song. Not to be sappy, but if the sky were actually made of wood, that'd be tree-mendous.


The People Have The Power by Patti Smith

In these times of strife, New York punk poet recites her dream, frustrated with the concept of struggle. For we, the people, withhold so much power to create ongoing change, but choose to hate, inflict pain, and decide to turn on one another. This is contemporary talent at its finest. The musical rendition of this on most days would benefit so well in the modern world.

Thank God for sending us Patti. A true, empowering woman, whose contributed to modern literature like no other, providing a world and journey to those who care to listen.

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